What to Expect on The ASWB Exams

  • 170 questions; 150 scored items & 20 unscored (pretest) items
  • You will have 4 hours to complete the exam
  • Passing scores: approximately between 96 and 106 out of 150 scored questions
  • Type of Questions:
  • Recall questions require social workers to learn and memorize theories, concepts, and facts.
  • Application questions: require social workers to be able to use the knowledge from “recall” and apply such knowledge to a concrete situation or setting.
  • Reasoning questions: require a social worker to have the knowledge and skills mentioned in “recall” and “application” and be able to apply them in a given situation using clinical judgment, knowledge of ethics, and sound decision-making ability.

What are the average passing rates for each type of social work examination?

In 2018, the ASWB reported the following national pass rates.

  • Associate – 72.1%
  • Bachelor – 69.2%
  • Masters – 75.5%
  • Advanced Generalist – 56.2%
  • Clinical – 73.2%

Information pulled from the ASWB website https://examregistration.aswb.org

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