Why Social Work Exam Strategies?

The Social Work Exam Strategies program is designed for Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical ASWB exams. Our Social Work Exam Prep Online program, social work exam study guide, practice test, individual tutoring and live exam prep workshops will increase your knowledge and confidence on the day of the exam.

Social Work Exam Strategies was founded to share its approach to learning content and breaking down questions through the use of our SIGNATURE strategies. Our strategies will help you to reduce anxiety, increase knowledge and feel confident on the day of your exam. Social workers from a variety of backgrounds have used these strategies to PASS their ASWB licensing exam! 

Social Worker Continuing Education

Here at Social Work Exam Strategies, we have created a SIGNATURE approach to learning exam content. We simplify ASWB exam content by using effective strategies to break down questions. Social workers from various backgrounds and specialty areas have used these strategies to PASS their ASWB licensing exam!

Our social work test prep is a comprehensive and detailed program covering the most tested content areas on the ASWB exams.

Group Tutoring

Our live social work exam prep workshops take things one step further, by providing real-life experience completing practice test questions as well as a thorough analysis of the ASWB content.

We take pride in helping our community of social workers pass the ASWB exams. We are true believers in “social workers helping social workers.”