Journey to Licensure

Social Work Exam Strategies provides this step-by-step guide for success in your journey to licensure. Social workers who study hard and follow our program as it is laid out will have a higher probability of passing the licensing exam. The Social Work Exam Strategies study materials are designed for Bachelors, Masters (LMSW), and Clinical (LCSW) ASWB exams.

Choose Your Study Materials

Manage your exam prep journey in stages, beginning with your study materials. Our Social Work Exam Prep program includes over 1,000 practice questions, a comprehensive study guide (PDF), videos, and worksheets. Also, available for purchase are the paperback and Kindle versions of our study guide, sold exclusively on Amazon. The paperback and Kindle versions provide a comprehensive review of the most tested content areas on the ASWB® exams.

Getting to Work

Now that you have your study materials please continue your exam prep journey by adding our introductory workshop and/or individual tutoring. Our Introductory Workshop teaches our signature strategies to break down questions. These strategies are not included in the Social Work Prep program or study guide.

Sharpen Your Skills

With the foundational strategies in place, consider our advanced strategies courses, mock exam and additional tutoring sessions to improve your test-taking skills.

Get Specific

Our topic specific workshops deep dive into the information that is covered in the exam. Review the material and walk through how to apply the strategies to example questions.

Invest in Your Success

Save time and money with our exclusive study package deals. Select the package that works best for you and your journey.

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