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Our mock exam consists of 170 questions designed to evaluate your knowledge of the content areas that are most frequently found on the ASWB licensing exam. 

Practice test are great tools to test your knowledge and get you ready for the format and environment of the licensing exam. Our online practice tests do an excellent job of simulating the test conditions that you will be exposed to on exam day. Practice test can be taken in ether test mode and study mode.

Study Mode: Taking a test in study mode will allow you to work through the questions at your own pace to familiarize yourself with the content. You will also be provided detailed rationales for each question which will expose you to a broad content base to prepare for your exam. You will receive immediate feedback regarding your progress on the test as you go.

Test Mode: Simulates the conditions found the ASWB licensing exam. Taking practice tests in test mode will help you establish a pace for answering questions and expose any potential barriers to successfully completing an exam in the time that is allotted. When using test mode, you will have an active timer (8 hours) and the feedback and rationale will be held back until you have completed the test.

As you take these exams, please keep in mind that we have found scoring 80% or higher on all exams to be a good indicator of ASWB exam readiness. You can take the test 4 times in each of the study modes.

Subscriptions are for 90 days!

These questions are property of Social Work Exam Strategies and Elizabeth Haddock Sharing this file or these questions without purchase is strictly prohibited. This practice test is not affiliated with the official ASWB exam.