Mock Exams Study Bundle (Three Months access)


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Get two mock exams, each of our mock exam’s consists of 170 original questions designed to evaluate your knowledge of topics that are most tested in the ASWB licensing exam.

*These questions are separate from those included in our Social Work Exam Prep Program or comprehensive workshops.


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Our mock exam consists of 170 questions that evaluate your knowledge on topics from the content domains covered on the ASWB licensing exam.

Mock exams are great tools to test your knowledge and get you ready for the format and environment of the licensing exam. Our mock exams are online and do an excellent job of simulating many of the test conditions that you will be exposed to on exam day.

Mock exams can be taken in test mode and study mode. Taking tests under simulated conditions will help you establish a pace for answering questions and expose any potential barriers to successfully completing an exam in the time that is allotted. Taking a test in study mode will allow you to take your time and work through questions at a slower pace so that you can familiarize yourself with the content.

You will also want to check your answers after each test. Make sure that you understand the reasons for your mistakes.

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